ARGO (Alliance for Remaking Green Oceans) is comprised of visual artists William Allen (also a poet), BARbara Westermann, ChARlotte Allen, BiRGit Jensen, and JOchen Saueracker.

The ARGO group is a study and exhibition group focused on shared interests in the ocean, shipwrecks and islands, marine architecture (boats, lightships, and lighthouses), painting, printmaking, world maps, the history of the new York waterways, and kayaking in collapsible East German-model kayaks.

‘ARGO’ was created out of letters from each member’s name, plus a love for:

•Argo – ship of the Golden Fleece

•Argo Project – consisting of small, drifting, oceanic robot probes

•Argo – archaic constellation

•Argo – TV heroine Xena’s horse

•Argo – name of hundreds of yachts and dinghies

•Argus – Odysseus’ dog

•Argus – hundred eyed monster of Greek mythology

•Argonauts – Sailors with Jason, giants in Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and pelagic octopi