Free Money Movement & the Absurdity of Value

Ron Paul and Conservative Libertarians call for the closure of the Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]. The Aaron Burr Society, Socialist Libertarians, calls for nationalizing the Fed and giving loans directly to the People.
Decentralizing the federal banking system and placing it in the hands of the people will promote economic justice. It will not create a classless society but it will allow individuals and diverse communities the opportunity to create autonomous zones and the ability to compete with private corporations. Today the Fed is allowed to control and stimulate the economy by increasing or decreasing the money supply. If communities within the states are given the opportunity to financially support their own activities, local economies of scale will develop.

The myth of the Free Market and Free Trade has been exposed by the current economic meltdown. We must change these antiquated and corrupt systems, rather than trying to reform them. We believe the Fed is the key to achieving this objective.

Nationalizing the Federal Reserve Bank will be an economic revolution, the fundamental step that must be taken to insure social and economic justice. We propose using a portion of the credit generated by the Gross National Product in local communities. This is not to say that privatizing the Fed will solve all of our problems but it will be an important step forward.

In order to achieve fundamental change, there must be a change in our political and historical perceptions. This begins with the realization that the collective wealth of America is necessary for the success of all businesses and individuals. Major spending in infrastructure always precedes economic prosperity with computers being an important example of our collective wealth. IBM, AT&T and National Cash Register were not capable, individually or collectively, of creating the computer. The American government through research grants and government contracts, primarily military, developed the computer through private companies. Today governments are still the primarily creator of communication satellites with private efforts in this area subsidized by tax dollars. The same is true of cell phones. Not only are private corporations beneficiaries of these public policies that they receive them free of charge. Ironically they now they are refusing to pay taxes on their outlandish subsidized profits.

This manipulation of the markets in favor of private interests is carried over into foreign trade policies. The only countries that have historically championed Free Trade are American and England. From the 1700s to the end of World War Two, the British Empire had the world’s largest and most powerful army and navy. Today America is proclaimed the lone Super Power with military spending equaling approximately the combined military spending of the rest of the world. America champions Free Trade while maintaining over one hundred military bases around the world in addition to being actively engaged in two wars. Where and for whom is the freedom of trade in such policies?

Freedom and independence do not exist without economic and social justice. Since America is the only international super power, establishing justice in America must be the first step in achieving international peace and justice. Again we state that restructuring the Fed is the essential first step in this direction. Fair trade and living wage are essential components of this process. In addition, people must understand that will never be able to create a sustainable environment without universal economic and social justice. As long as private interests are allowed to undermine and exploit weaker states, not only will the environment suffer but democratic processes at home will suffer as these powerful private forces vie to manipulate government policy. Again we point out that America is fighting two wars while using covert actions and social media are used to manipulate foreign affairs.

This legacy of empire and war has unfortunately been an essential component of the American psyche. The myth of the rugged individual has morphed from frontier pioneers to media personalities such as John Wayne, Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin. However, endless expansion into Native American territories is over at home, and foreign conquests are no long economically sustainable in addition to being against the core principles of the Declaration of Independence. This is why the Aaron Burr Society has initiated the Free Money Movement and challenges Wall Street’s immoral construct of value that calls for cuts in social services and working class wages while Free Market and Free Trade devastate the planet.

Since April Fools Day of 2009 the Society has been distributing currency stamped Free Money on one side with Slaves of Wall Street stamped on the other. The money is distributed through the quintessential American experience, shopping. Additional currency is distributed through bars, restaurants and cafés. The Society has also created actions/performances on Wall Street and in other venues to promote the Free Money Movement. We have also created a petition calling for: 1. the Nationalization of the Federal Reserve Bank; 2. a Constitutional Amendment that declares that corporations do not have the rights of citizens; 3. the creation of a new flag of red, white, blue and green with green symbolizing a clean environment and economic justice.